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Westminster Hall debate on working at height

Jun 24, 2019 | HSE News

ALL-PARTY PARLIAMENTARY GROUP The Working at Height APPG is a group of MPs and Members of the Lords who recognise that industry and government can help reduce the number of falls from height. Falling from height was the most common type of fatal workplace accident in 2018 and causes thousands of non-fatal injuries each year. The consequences of a fall can be life-changing and affect not just the victim but also their family, friends and colleagues. The APPG is dedicated to improving safety for the millions of people who work at height in sectors like construction, oil and gas, farming and facilities management, as well as home DIYers. Following a widespread public consultation, they published a report titled Staying Alive: Preventing Serious Injury and Fatalities while Working at Height. In it, they recommend improved regulation aimed at preventing serious injuries and fatalities. See