PASMA Towers with Cantilevers

PASMA Towers with Cantilevers

PASMA Towers with Cantilevers

We are one of the few PASMA centres in the uk
accredited to deliver the Towers with Cantilevers course

One Call Training specialise in PASMA Towers with Cantilevers Courses.


Towers with Cantilevers is an advanced module that equips experienced tower users with the skillset for more complex tower builds, taking into account the principles of counterbalance calculations for the use of kentledge in cantilever applications and much more.
It also covers in some depth the appropriate sections of BS 1139-6:2014 – part 6, which details the requirements for more complex tower structures, such as towers with cantilevers, which utilise components from towers complying with BS EN 1004:2004, but which are outside the limited scope of this standard.

Who can attend this course?

Anyone who is experienced in using towers and is to be given responsibility for the assembly, dismantling, alteration, moving and inspection and use of mobile access towers with cantilevers in a standard configuration.

Given the more complex concepts involved, this course will be a fresh challenge to delegates and in order to be eligible, delegates must have already passed PASMA’s Towers for Users Course.

Course Content

Legislation, Regulations and Guidance affecting working at height with access towers; PASMA Code of Practice; Product Standards EN 1004:2004 and BS1139 Part 6:2014; assembling, altering and dismantling towers incorporating current best practice for fall protection; inspection of completed mobile access towers with cantilevers and completion of Tower Inspection Records; hazards affecting the use of towers with a cantilever

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For the Course Syllabus – please download here – PASMA Towers with Cantilevers Course Syllabus

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