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There’s a new name for Tower Riggers…

Dec 5, 2020 | HSE News

PASMA are relaunching our training scheme for complex aluminium access towers, and with it comes a new name for those who complete the challenging programme – they’ll be known as Access Tower Specialists and they can build all types of towers, including bespoke structures designed to meet the needs of a site, however tall, wide or awkward it may be.


It’s the highest qualification available for access towers, aimed at those with considerable experience under their belts. They’re already trained on all standard configuration towers – i.e. those that come in a kit with an instruction manual – but the Access Tower Specialist course takes them to the next level, quite literally. Those who pass all the theory and practical assessments are qualified to use prefabricated aluminium components in surprisingly complex configurations that can go to much greater heights than standard towers.