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Jan 17, 2015 | PASMA News

Low level access manufacturers achieve compliance with PAS 250 standard

Industry body PASMA has been driving forward minimum safety and performance criteria for low level work platforms – commonly referred to as pulpits and podiums. The body has announced that all PASMA manufacturing members now comply with the requirements of PAS 250.

PAS 250 is the Publicly Available Specification – expected to become a full British Standard by 2016 – sponsored by PASMA and developed in collaboration with the British Standards Institution (BSI), alongside the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Hire Association Europe (HAE) and the UK Contractors’ Group (UKCG) and others.

Specifiers, buyers and users can now purchase pulpits and podiums made by PASMA manufacturing members confident that they have been designed, manufactured and tested to satisfy the stringent requirements of PAS 250. The association states that anyone with responsibility for sourcing or using low level work platforms should only purchase certified PAS 250 compliant products.
Some products were inherently unsafe

PAS 250 covers, amongst other things, strength and stability requirements and material specifications, together with design requirements for the working platform, side protection (guardrails), access, mobility, labels and user guides. PASMA’s technical director, Don Aers said:

“Designs for this type of equipment had previously been developed in the absence of any formal standard. Without specific design criteria it was clear that some products were inherently unsafe and open to misuse and abuse.

Specifiers should not think that because podiums and pulpits are fitted with anti-surf devices, that it’s ‘job done‘. There are many other safety issues that need to be addressed to comply with PAS 250, chief amongst which is resistance to overturning.

PAS 250 addresses these issues in a pragmatic, practical way and users should be aware of the risks they run by specifying non-compliant equipment. It really is the first thing they should check.”

A road show is planned in 2015 in conjunction with Working Well Together (WWT) – the HSE sponsored organisation that delivers health and safety events across the country – highlighting the safety benefits and advantages of PAS 250 pulpits and podiums.

PAS 250 leaflets and free posters are available via the PASMA website

PASMA is the trade association for the mobile access tower industry. Representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers and users, it delivers and oversees the industry standard training scheme and is a major publisher of safety-related knowledge, information and guidance. Liaising closely with all the key regulatory authorities and standards-setting bodies in the work at height sector, it is the voice of the industry and, as such, plays a leading role in promoting best practice.