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Look back in anger? A brief guide to Worker Memorial Day

May 7, 2016 | Miscellaneous News

Every year at RoSPA, we come together to celebrate Worker Memorial Day, an occasion when the world unites to focus on emerging trends in the field of occupational Health and Safety, and to draw attention to work-related injuries, diseases and fatalities worldwide. In this short post, Dr Karen McDonnell, our occupational safety and health policy adviser, explores the issues surrounding the day, and why it should matter to all businesses, big or small…

When is Worker Memorial Day?

The 28th April

What is Worker Memorial Day?

Worker Memorial Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the often unspoken impact of earning a living through remembering those workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work.

Are we doing enough?

Like ripples on the surface of a dark and stormy pond, the impact of accidents extends far beyond the immediate victim, affecting co-workers, friends and family. After all, we are all entitled to come home safe and healthy at the end of each working day, and when a loved one doesn’t, it’s entirely natural that we’re upset or angry – particularly following an accident that didn’t have to happen.