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Construction company fined £800,000 after worker injured

Sep 23, 2016 | HSE News

A Surrey construction company has been fined after a contractor was run over on a large site in Wokingham.

David Cole was a site foreman on the large housing development project, which started in April 2013 and has a completion date of April 2017. He was struck by and pulled under a large bulk powder carrier.

On 7 December 2014 Mr Cole who was contracted to Harlequin Brickwork Ltd was walking along the site road at Mulberry Grove toward the rear of a bulk powder (mortar) carrier. The vehicle was located on a T junction having just reversed into the junction. Mr Cole walked along the nearside of the vehicle as it pulled forward and turned towards the nearside. He was hit by the vehicle and pulled under it.

He suffered serious life threatening injuries. His skin was removed and split on his left arm and leg, he fractured his left hip requiring a pin to be inserted, and fingers on his left hand were broken. His left leg has been left permanently shorter than his right by 20mm.

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