Work at Height Rescue Newtownabbey

Work at Height Rescue Newtownabbey

Our course is designed to support a team who work at height or below ground that require skills to safely retrieve or lower a casualty from their place of work.

  • Course title: Work at Height Rescue
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Candidates per Course: Maximum 8 depending on system
  • Award: Certificate Of Attendance

Our rescue course is created bespoke to each of our customers needs. We will ensure that we direct our theory session to build upon prior knowledge and then put it into practice with a thorough practical.

Our course covers:

  • Exploration of relevant key legislation
  • Use of pre-rigged rescue equipment
  • Pre-use inspection of equipment
  • Sharp edge protection
  • Selection use and assembly of simple pulley systems
  • Anchor identification and selection
  • Casualty care during the Rescue
  • Suspension Intolerance issues.
  • Inspection care and maintenance of equipment

We can train your candidates anywhere across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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